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Mt. Kinabalu & Poring Hot Spring trip 14-18 April 06

I had fantastically good weather on my ascend by the Mesilau Trail, sunny throughout the day. There were only 3 of us, including the guide, while the rest of my friends, thirteen of them, took the shorter and easier 6km. Timbohan trail. We started at 9.05am and reached Laban Rata(3272m) at 4.11pm taking a time of 7hr. 6min. for the 7.7km hike. This was better than my trip last year in July when the weather was raining and cold and it took 7hr. 30mins.

After an early dinner at 6pm. I managed to get to bed by 7.30pm and slept until 1.30am., the sleep interrupted several times by the noise inside the room (with 6 bunker beds) and movement along the corridor. At 2.05am we went to the Gunting Lagadan Hut to meet with the rest of our friends and had a light breakfast before we made our ascend to the summit at 2.45am. I reached the summit at 5.25am, time taken was 2hr.40min for the 2.75km. distance, again better than last year's 3hr 25min. because of the fine weather, not a drop of rain, with a full moon lighting up the trail.

I didn't stay long at the summit because I was wearing Kampung Adidas shoes with thin socks and my feet was getting very cold. After shooting several photographs (couldn't take more because of low battery power) I made my way down alone and reached the Gunting Lagadan Hut at about 7.45am, made myself a hot drink and ate the remaining nuts & raisins leftover from yesterday. I was the first to be back at the Laban Rata resthouse and took my time to repack my stuff and waited for my buddy to return.

The weather changed at about 10am, became misty and the sun was hidden behind thick clouds. We decided to descend at 10.25am. There was a slight drizzle which came on and off as we made our way down the wet Timbohan trail. We reached the Timbohan gate at 2.35pm., time taken 4hr.10min. Descending was a problem with my stiff knees and I had to proceed carefully because of the slippery trail. The trekking pole was a great help and it saved me from several close falls.

One of my friends had a nasty sprain when he twisted his ankle on a rock while descending from the summit. By the time he made it to Laban Rata his ankle was swollen. After a long rest he tried to make his way down with help from his buddy and a guide. However, at the last 2km. he just couldn't walk anymore and had to pay 2 porters RM150 (after some bargaining) to carry him down.

In the evening we made our way to the Poring Hot Spring Resort and recuperated by soaking ourselves in the hot baths. We stayed a night there and had a long restful sleep.

The Mesilau trail has beautiful scenery which is lacking along the Timbohan trail. Furthermore, the Mesilau trail is more natural than the numerous man-made steps found in the Timbohan trail. The extra 1.7km distance may deter aspiring hikers, then the reverse way, ascending by the Timbohan trail and descending the Mesilau trail, should be less tiring. The Mesilau trail is not descending all the way down because there are two peaks to cross.

More photos of the trip, taken by my buddy Teck Chai, can be seen at:

Note: This trip was organised by :

Lot 5814-36, Taman Bangi, Jalan Reko, Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
P.O. Box 77, 43657 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel/Fax: 03-87341650, H/P: 013-3365628; 019-2134175
Email: or

Malaysian: RM600.00 per pax (Ex-KK), RM80 extra per pax for Mesilau Trail
Non-Malaysian: RM750.00 per pax (Ex-KK)

Package inclusive of:
1. All transfer in Sabah.

2. Accommodation:
Two nights at Api-Api Apartment (twin/triple sharing)
One night at Laban Rata Resthouse (heater) or
One night at Gunting Lagadan (for 3 pax)
One night at Poring Hot Spring (Hostel)

3. Permit, Guide fee, Park Transport, Certificate, climbing insurance.
4. Entrance fee at Park and Poring Hot Spring
5. Baggage storage fee at Park
6. Services and tour leader

Package exclusive of:

1. Meals & beverage
2. Porter fee

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