Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sungkai - Teluk Intan - Tapah cycling tour, Sat. 4 - Sun. 5 June -Mon 6 June 2011

Nine of us took part in the Teluk Intan trip. It was a first time for 3 of them: my friend, Kim Hwa on a mountain bike, Lee Chee Hin & Alvin Shen for the first time on their foldies. It was a great trip, especially fun during the ride through the Felcra Besut oil palm plantation, roughly about 35km. My friend Kim Hwa and I survive the gravel road well but those on foldable bikes had to ride slowly and endured the jarring and vibration of small wheels on rough stones. After we left the plantation it was another 15km. on tarmac and this part of the route was tough because of the hot sun. We were thirsty and hungry and finally made it to the hawker stall at Teluk Intan about 2.45pm.

Unfortunately, my friend Kim Hwa suffered severe cramps on both legs after we left the plantation. He still had stiffness on both his thighs the next day and did not have the confidence to continue on the second day from Teluk Intan to Tapah. I stayed back to keep him company and we explored the quaint town and enjoyed the local excellent food.

Siang called me on his phone to relate the folders' experience on the second day. He said that it was an easier ride, only 30km through mostly traffic-free kampung roads. The sky was cloudy and not so hot as compared to the first day. He thought that Kim Hwa and I should have come but Kim Hwa lacked confidence and it's not nice for me to leave a friend behind.

Alvin had a tyre puncture on the first night after dinner. Bil kindly repaired the tyre for Alvin. The group was really helpful to each other and those new to simple bicycle repairs have learned many useful skills.